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Pema Chalmers

Illustration and Fine Art Portfolio
Every child is a little Buddha, helping their parents to grow up!

What I Do

In short, I help you tell your stories - or more specifically my illustrations do. By working in creative collaboration with me, together we can discover the hidden characters and worlds that can enrich your communication. Bringing these to life we can add greater colour, understand, humour and depth to your work.

My Approach

By engaging the child in all of us, we start to see the world a fresh. If we can smile, we relax. When relaxed, we are open and receptive. Open like a child, open to discovery, to learning or to simply being entertained. "Smiling relaxes every bone in your body", as the Zen master Thích Nhất Hạnh says. Whether you're telling stories of old or new, complex or simple, educational or fantastical - endearing illustrations can open the eyes, hearts and minds of your audience. I love this child-like style of drawing. It bypasses the guarded adult and gets straight to the heart of genuine connection.

My Background & Why I Do It

When we do what we love, we create our best work. It's possible to make our contributions more positive when we love what we do, and we can make harmonious connections as we do it . Drawings was my first love in childhood. With a career in Graphic Design, Storyboards and Animation, on some level I just kept on drawing. Now in the more mature phase of my career, I find I want to be anything other than mature, and want to spend this valuable time doing what I love - drawing. 

Want To See What I Do?

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